Doctor arquitecto, profesor de la Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid y acreditado catedrático. Ha sido Subdirector General de Información e Investigación del Ministerio de Cultura, Director del Instituto Cervantes en Múnich y Roma y Gerente de la Fundación Cultural COAM. En la actualidad es Director del Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España.

Academic Qualifications:

Baccalaureate in 1956. Degree in Architecture in 1965. School of Madrid.

Doctorate in Architecture and qualification as an Urban Planning Technician from the Local Administration Studies Institute (1968).


Professional career:

Municipal architect of the city of Xàtiva, 1965-1975.

(Milan 1934)
Professor emeritus of urbanism at Venice School of Architecture, Bernardo Secchi was professor at the Geneva School of Architecture, in Leuven, Paris and Zurich and, from 1975 to 1982 Dean of the Milan School of architecture.

Esther Agricola (born 1967) has been Director of the Monuments & Archaeology Office with the city of Amsterdam since 2007 – an organization with 50 staff, dedicated to providing advice on Amsterdam’s heritage and cultural history. For some five years prior to that she was Director of KEI, the national knowledge centre for urban renewal in Rotterdam.